As Nature Intended

Simplicity. Using foraged natural ingredients.

Service. A passion for fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere.

Seasonality. Ingredients which are fished, foraged or grown

Based in Camden (Buck Street) Market, Wildflower is London's first fine dining restaurant in a shipping container. Wildflower focuses on sustainability, foraging and quality produce. Since opening Wildflower has featured as London's best new openings in 2020 by the Daily Telegraph, Hot Dinners, The Handbook and featured on Hardens and The Murphia List 2020 & 2021. The restaurant is contained within the hustle and bustle of Camden Market, creating a complete contrast when you step inside. The dining room is very relaxed and the view of the market creates a comfortable atmosphere to enjoy the high quality food and overall experience. Our small restaurant allows guests to meet the full team, including our passionate chefs who explain the carefully chosen elements of each dish. We believe this is key to improving ourselves and giving our guests the best possible customer experience.

The Garden Terrace in Buck Street allows us to plant, grow and cook our own ingredients and put them straight on the table in only a few short steps.


On reading our menu, You'll find hidden stories and tales of home. It's a little celebration of my roots which I am of course proud of. Each of the dishes at Wildflower is a representation of a memory, a place or a person back home. Each ingredient, perfectly chosen to represent the time, the setting, the feeling. Our food is designed to take you on a journey. Our Fermented Stout Bread served with Irish Dairy Cultured Butter and parfait with Guinness jelly to spread on top. Derived from a memory of my childhood. The warmth of my grandmother's kitchen, as the steam from the tearing open of her freshly baked bread almost hugged you, to the smell of the Guinness my grandfather would have resting on the table next to his meal. A homage to my granny, my family, my home.

Under sustainable practices, we believe in using the most sustainable sources of ingredients from our suppliers such as Bello Wild Food, Wiltshire Truffles, Flying Fish and Walter Rose Butchers. I remain heavily in contact with Chris & Charlie in developing our menus and finding the best foraged ingredients in season through their channel in Cornwall with Bello Wild Food. We rely on Chris as a supplier to maintain the ethos of Wildflower. We have a zero waste policy. We ferment and preserve in season ingredients in kilner jars which are stored onsite in our fermenting storage container. All our food waste is put into compost. Our oil waste is converted into bio diesel to power our lights. Our plates are sourced from clay potter Sally George. If they break we keep them and she makes new ones from our broken ones. Even our menus are printed on compostable paper. We've placed a huge emphasis on these practices and will continue to do so and we strive to find new and exciting ways to become even friendlier to our planet.




Hailing from Cavan in Ireland, Adrian Martin has worked in some of Ireland's top restaurants for 12 years including Mac Nean House and Michelin-starred restaurant, Bon Appetite in Malahide. Fresh from releasing 2 best-selling cookery books and being a regular on TV screens across Ireland and the UK.

Wildflower is Adrian's first solo venture that puts a strong emphasis on sustainability and cooking food that can be foraged, fished or grown. Wildflower offers that unique experience and plays a leading role in the busy food scene in Camden Markets on bringing it right back to nature.

Meet the team

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Wildflower Restaurant
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