As Nature Intended

Simplicity. Using foraged natural ingredients.

Service. A passion for fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere.

Seasonality. Ingredients which are fished, foraged or grown

Based in Camden (Buck Street) Market, Wildflower is London's first intimate fine dining restaurant in a shipping container, that focuses on sustainability and food in its ripe form. The restaurant is contained within a market, giving the dining room a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere to enjoy the high quality food and overall experience. Our small restaurant allows guests to meet the full team, which we believe is key to improving ourselves and giving our guests the best possible customer experience.

The Garden Terrace in Buck Street allows us to plant, grow and cook our own ingredients and put them straight on the table in only a few short steps.



Hailing from Cavan in Ireland, Adrian Martin has worked in some of Ireland's top restaurants for 12 years before starting working with schools, teaching kids the importance of cooking from scratch and learning the basics. Fresh from releasing 2 best-selling cookery books and being a regular on TV screens across Ireland and the UK.

Wildflower is Adrian's first solo venture that puts a strong emphasis on sustainability and cooking food that can be foraged, fished or grown. Wildflower is set to play a leading role in the busy food scene in Camden Markets on bringing it right back to nature.

The Team


KP/Chef: Miles Mayer
(With a name like that you'll go far)

A vital member of the Wildflower Team (or squad). Miles joined the team as a KP when we originally opened in March 2020. However, his passion and enthusiasm for food and the art of cooking shone through and you will now find him plating up breads, snacks and deserts as well as keeping the kitchen clean and organised. We would be lost without him.

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Wildflower Restaurant
Camden (Buck Street) Market, Camden High Street, London, NW1 8QP
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